European Residency

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The Golden Visa

Enjoy the freedom of travel, investment opportunities and family security that European residency can provide.

Freedom of choice – ability to move freely between 26 European countries and the security of acquiring a base in a civilized, stable and relatively crime free country.

Initial residency gives you immediate citizenship and leads on to the issue of a full passport if you follow the correct procedure.

Eurogoldvisa are based in Portugal, a safe, civilised and stable country that forms a part of the Schengen space – 26 European countries within which it is possible to travel without restriction, to live, to invest and a superb location in which to base your family.

The various stages of the process are not complex but need to be progressed logically according to the exact requirements of the system. Our legal partners are established and experienced at making the application as straightforward and simple as possible for you. The initial application and processing of documents will be handled efficiently, local language and authority requirements overcome to provide a full support service to streamline the process for you.

Why Portugal ?

Portugal is an ‘up and coming’ EU member country, investments in infrastructure over recent years means access to advanced communications, good health care and provides a growth opportunity for the future. The Golden Visa programme was announced in 2012 to encourage further international investment.

Portugal is a delightful country in which to be based and with some attractive business opportunities. The ‘golden visa’ gives open access to the rest of Europe for investment, business, social and family access to the rest of Europe, with access to the largest proportion of European capitals within two or three hours by air.

Portugal is further blessed with a wonderful climate, a welcoming and diverse international population, exceptional facilities that ensure a high quality of life. English is considered the second language and is spoken by 99% of business professionals.

For a free initial brochure describing the process please contact us – initial discussions are in confidence and without obligation or cost.