Who can apply?

[av_heading heading=’Applications are invited from all Non EU Passport holders wishing to prove they meet the entry criteria and able to invest in property or business in Portugal  they can bring their immediate family and include them within the application’. tag=’h3′ color=” style=” padding=’10’]


Who can apply for a golden visa

Types of qualifying investments:

1) Property Investments – Acquisition of one or more properties with a value above €350,000.

There is also the possibility of requesting a residency permit immediately on signature of a Promissory Contract of Purchase with a payment of a deposit of 350,000 Euro.

Joint acquisition of properties can also be undertaken provided that each of the joint owners invest €350,000 or more (for example: 3 investors could make a joint investment of €1.05m).

Possibility of mortgage/finance above €350,000.
Total freedom to rent out or lease the properties to gain income

2) Capital Investments

Transfer and investment of Funds above € 1,000,000. This may include direct investment into a company in Portugal

3) Job Creation

New business or business takeover that creates a minimum of 10 new jobs.

General requirement …

for a golden visa

Investments must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years.